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Impact of the Internet

The slide below from 2015 continues to stay on the top of my mind, which happens to come from my favorite annual report. I would love to see something updated that has big areas of GDP vs. Internet penetration. But for me this is inspiring, as you move away from consumer and business applications, you start to hit on areas that drive positive impact and have the capacity to improve peoples...

Harvard Innovation Lab

I was recently introduced to and had the opportunity to tour the Harvard Innovation Lab and I walked away quite impressed. If you are a Harvard student or in the Harvard eco system, I would recommend that you stop by and say hello. It is a workspace (with customized areas including wetlabs, 3d printers, etc.) available 24 hours per day with dedicated teams there to help you build your idea with no strings...

What is Adaptive Learning?

As emerging technologies and methodologies reshape corporate training, one phrase “adaptive learning” is among the biggest of the buzzwords. I get asked all the time what exactly “adaptive learning” means. Most know the technology has something to do with e-learning, personalized education, micro-learning, badging, gamification, cloud-based learning, etc. But what does it really mean? How feasible is it to...

Disruption in Higher Education

I am seeing so many things to be excited about in the field of higher education that I wanted to share a few that have been in the headlines recently.  These are all creating the opportunity for thousands of people to have upward mobility and get an education with less risk. 1. ASU Global Freshman Academy – Take the basic freshman classes online for free and only pay if you want the credit, once you have...

Student Debt

Chart of the day: 1.1% of student debt defaults are from holders of bachelors degrees.

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