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Won’t you be my neighbor?

Lots has been written on this movie, which I would recommend you check out. A key takeaway from my perspective was how Mr. Rodgers recognized TV as a powerful form of media to reach children in ways to help them vs just pure entertainment, which at times is a race to the bottom. When I think about some of the unboxing videos on youtube that have millions of views, I see the importance of his vision and look forward...

Memorial Day – a reminder

Words from an a Navy Seal. Thanks to all who served, let’s remember every one of them today and every day.

Right in Front of you

Two interesting videos about about world class artists can be right in front of you. First is from October of 2013, the street artist Banksy created a popup store where if properly identified pieces of art would sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars:   Second is from the Washington Post and features Joshua Bell, a world class violinist performing in the DC Subway with a million dollar violin going...

Tom Friedman on Education & Life

  My favorite part is his advice to his daughters around 32 minutes in, here is it roughly: How do you thrive in this new age? Five key points: 1) Every day in every way, think like an immigrant. There’s no legacy spot for me waiting at Stanford or Cal State for that matter, I better figure out what’s going on in this world and I better pursue it with more rigor and energy than anyone...

Reaction to USA victory

Created by a college student,...

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