Opportunity Zones

Super excited about the possibilities here.

Traveling throughout the country, you see areas that have been in the driver’s seat when it comes to innovation (places like Silicon Valley, Boston, Santa Monica, etc.) and when they see success, it breeds infrastructure for others to be successful (see post on Harvard Innovation Lab as an example) and a higher quality of life for a lot of people involved in a community. 

As it becomes easier and easier to launch software & hardware companies, you are starting to see the early days of innovation spreading beyond the big hubs.  What the Opportunity Zone Program is aiming to do is to provide incentives in the form of deferment and elimination of capital gains when they are invested in “Opportunity Zone Funds” to invest in designated communities by US states & Territories (map here, Top 5 reasons to invest in an Opportunity Zone Fund).

What this should lead to is more dollars flowing into more cities that could use the investment, and as time goes by, hoping that it leads to more infrastructure for others to build and will lift the quality of life for all.

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