Amazon ads (SEM / CPC)

Hearing more and more about companies popping up to think about the ad universe on Amazon. Most is focused on SEM / CPC, but a great article from today’s NY Times, Amazon Sets Its Sights on the $88 Billion Online Ad Market:

Amazon, which has already reshaped and dominated the online retail landscape, is quickly gathering momentum in a new, highly profitable arena: online advertising, where it is rapidly emerging as a major competitor to Google and Facebook.

You already have peoples attention with intent to purchase when people are on Amazon, so what better a place/time to engage them with ads?  I will bet their distribution curve is similar to Googles: some high % of clicks (in Amazon’s case purchases) come from the first page of search results.

Looking forward to the ecosystem of early-stage companies that pop up to help w/ ad tech on Amazon. From my end, this may be the first real competitor to Google Adsense when we think about an active CPC / SEM marketplace.

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