Harvard Innovation Lab

I was recently introduced to and had the opportunity to tour the Harvard Innovation Lab and I walked away quite impressed. If you are a Harvard student or in the Harvard eco system, I would recommend that you stop by and say hello. It is a workspace (with customized areas including wetlabs, 3d printers, etc.) available 24 hours per day with dedicated teams there to help you build your idea with no strings attached.  Worst case its free space and free food, but there are also events and a team to do nothing but help & connect you to others who can help.

As someone who pays attention to education trends, and the correlation to your return on investment when it comes to education, programs like this continue to accelerate the divide and increase the ROI if you can attend Harvard. Simply put, if you are affiliated with Harvard and you launch a company, you are more likely to succeed because of resources like this to help you accelerate your business.

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