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Won’t you be my neighbor?

Lots has been written on this movie, which I would recommend you check out. A key takeaway from my perspective was how Mr. Rodgers recognized TV as a powerful form of media to reach children in ways to help them vs just pure entertainment, which at times is a race to the bottom. When I think about some of the unboxing videos on youtube that have millions of views, I see the importance of his vision and look...

Memorial Day – a reminder

Words from an a Navy Seal. Thanks to all who served, let’s remember every one of them today and every day.

Favorite Quotes

Keeping a list, will be constantly updated: “Is the pool cold? Depends which end you jump in!” [much deeper than it appears on the surface...

Tom Friedman on Education & Life

  My favorite part is his advice to his daughters around 32 minutes in, here is it roughly: How do you thrive in this new age? Five key points: 1) Every day in every way, think like an immigrant. There’s no legacy spot for me waiting at Stanford or Cal State for that matter, I better figure out what’s going on in this world and I better pursue it with more rigor and energy than anyone...

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