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Reskilling: New Jobs, New skills.

It's learning. Just not as we know it. from accenture Slide deck touching on the reskilling that is going to be required as AI shakes up the jobs out...

My Favorite Report of the Year

Another great one from Mary Meeker & KPCB team: 2015 Internet Trends Report from Kleiner Perkins Caufield &...

Mobile web usage

Neat infographic that just came up in my linkedin stream.

Top Android Apps

8 out of 10 are Google.

Zach Posner dot com v2 coming soon.

I was given a few interview questions for a blog that would like to do a story on my role at Engrade and I was asked why my blog has not been updated.  I am holding out on returning the questions until I get things back on track – so keep your eyes open for changes and more posts!

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