The LegalTech Fund Playbook: Customer intros

@ The LegalTech Fund, we are a verticalized venture capital fund. So we find ourselves talking to lots of people in and around the legal system that can help our portfolio (this includes 150+ formal and informal advisors that are general counsels, decision makers at law firms, heads of business units, CEOs, PE / VC’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, etc.). Our goal is to make as many mutual connections as possible to both help our advisors and our portfolio companies achieve their goals. To be sensitive to everyone, we usually aim for double opt-ins and I wanted to quickly put out a template. This is what we have found works best and helps us make 100+ of these connections a week.

Our goals:

  • Facilitate an intro as quickly and directly as possible
  • Make sure that the parties are aware of what the other does
  • We can facilitate, by simply pushing forward on an email and enough context is provided

Quick example below, all of which needs to be tailored. Every word counts, so this should take a few minutes to craft.

Zach [or whomever is making the intro],

We would love for the opportunity to chat w/ [INSERT WHO THE INTRO IS/ OR GENERALLY THE TEAM] at [INSERT COMPANY NAME]. We think that this could be interesting for [REASON 1, 2, 3]. Please find a few summary bullets below to provide a quick overview of [INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME] designed to help facilitate an intro.


Insert Name

  • Our company helps do X, Y & Z.
  • We are being used by customers X, Y & Z and have found that when using our company these are the results.
  • One more relevant bullet.
  • Please also find attached more info.

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