Tom Friedman on Education & Life


My favorite part is his advice to his daughters around 32 minutes in, here is it roughly:

How do you thrive in this new age? Five key points:

1) Every day in every way, think like an immigrant. There’s no legacy spot for me waiting at Stanford or Cal State for that matter, I better figure out what’s going on in this world and I better pursue it with more rigor and energy than anyone else. “New immigrants are paranoid optimists.” – the future is better, but it can be taken from you any day.  Stay hungry.

2) Think like an artisan. “Take pride.” Do your job every day as if you will put your initials on it.

3) Think like a starter-upper. The new “f’ word is “finished”. Reid Hoffman said “Everyone should always be in beta.”
Always see yourself as a work in progress.

4) PQ + CQ > IQ. “Persistence + Curiosity is always greater than IQ.”

5) Think like a waitress at Perkins’ Pancake House. Think entrepreneurial.  What little things can you do to improve the experience for a patron?  An extra scoop of fruit led to a 50% tip.

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