Disruption in Higher Education

I am seeing so many things to be excited about in the field of higher education that I wanted to share a few that have been in the headlines recently.  These are all creating the opportunity for thousands of people to have upward mobility and get an education with less risk.

1. ASU Global Freshman Academy – Take the basic freshman classes online for free and only pay if you want the credit, once you have passed.  This is essentially shifting the risk of college from the student to the university.  This is an example of what the future can look like due to the reduced cost of delivering online.

2. Employers paying for college for their employees in systematic ways –

  • Starbucks and ASU (again ASU!) are partnering up to provide Starbucks employees with 100% coverage of tuition.
  • Amazon is paying for up to 95% of fulfillment centers employees for college tuition to pay for degrees that are for “high-wage, in demand occupations”.  Amazon is building classrooms into their fulfillment centers.

Just a few examples, more to come!



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