EV Chargers at home (the next phone jack?)

My EV ownership journey started five years ago (after a decade + with hybrids) and I am convinced that the adoption will continue to skyrocket (a Model 3 can compete with a Toyota Corolla on cost).

The UK is exploring a law that would require every new home in the UK to have a charging point for an electric vehicle. This sounds like an amazing law, but I look at the charging infrastructure that is currently in place as a prototype and as charging technology evolves how and where we charge in the future may look nothing like today. Today, in five minutes you can charge 75 miles, one would imagine that will extend to 300 miles. Now pair that to batteries that are coming out that can hold up to 750 miles per charge – you put them all together and chargers become less and less important. Which makes me wonder if EV chargers at home become the next phone jack?

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