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zachary posner

Google’s ability to interpret JavaScript is a discussion point that has been around for years.  See article below for an update – thought that you may find it of interest.

Google Isn’t Just Reading Your Links, It’s Now Running Your Code by: Taylor Buley

It’s long been observed that Google’s search indexer can read JavaScript code, the lingua franca of dynamic Web applications. But for years it’s been unclear whether or not the Googlebot actually understood what it was looking at or whether it was merely doing “dumb” searches for well-understood data structures like hyperlinks.

On Friday, a Google spokesperson confirmed to Forbes that Google does indeed go beyond mere “parsing” of JavaScript. “Google can parse and understand some JavaScript,” said the spokesperson.

Rather than just read a page for links, Google’s acknowledgment suggests that it might be able to interact with applications like a human would — and crack open parts of the Web that search engines like Bing might not be able to see. That would mean that Google has redefined what it means to be a search engine.

More at Forbes.com

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