24 hours into the Storm

I picked up a Storm last night and while waiting for the associate at Best Buy to activate (it was sold out everywhere else) a few concepts where going through my head:

  • Verizon’s phones stink – which was probably 90% of what caused people to line up around the block for them.  To think that Verizon passed on the iPhone.
  • What an amazing job the carriers have done inching up the phone bill.  All in, it appears that an unlimited plan on Verizon with data for a blackberry will be >$150.
  • On that same note, think about what has happened to your cable bill in the past few years: First it was premium services (HBO, etc.), then PPV, then digital boxes, then VOD and now HD boxes and fees

Initial thoughts on the Storm – awesome from a screen, multi media and UI perspective, keypad sucks, I want to know who prefers a touchscreen keypad. I look forward to getting more use out of a phone than my old BB at shouldbesimple.com.

and since the title of this post uses 24 in it, a friendly reminder – Jack is back tomorrow night on Fox!

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