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Hitting your SAAS Sales Goals – Get the basics down first

I often speak to early SAAS companies with bold Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) or Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) targets and my advice to them is consistent which I will dispense below [personal advice – take it or leave it.] Do not hire to Sr. to early once you have raised capital / have access to capital.  Co-founders are always excited to hire a sr. sales role after they have access to capital....

Startup journey*

I have the good fortune of meeting and spending time with early stage companies that are trying to solve big problems that can help to positively impact the world and working with a great team of partners. When in conversations, I find myself repeating the same advice, which I wanted to outline in the hope that it could be helpful for others. I am not claiming originality for any of it, as I have had and continue...

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