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Impact of the Internet

The slide below from 2015 continues to stay on the top of my mind, which happens to come from my favorite annual report. I would love to see something updated that has big areas of GDP vs. Internet penetration. But for me this is inspiring, as you move away from consumer and business applications, you start to hit on areas that drive positive impact and have the capacity to improve peoples...

Rinse & Repeat (keep it simple)

Founders have visions and (by default) they feel that the future world should look different and if they understand the space that they are working in, they are likely right. But there is a big gap between today’s world and their future vision and the way you get there is one step at a time. So how does this effect early stage companies? Since your capital is limited, you have to make your bet, stay...

Harvard Innovation Lab

I was recently introduced to and had the opportunity to tour the Harvard Innovation Lab and I walked away quite impressed. If you are a Harvard student or in the Harvard eco system, I would recommend that you stop by and say hello. It is a workspace (with customized areas including wetlabs, 3d printers, etc.) available 24 hours per day with dedicated teams there to help you build your idea with no strings...

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Lots has been written on this movie, which I would recommend you check out. A key takeaway from my perspective was how Mr. Rodgers recognized TV as a powerful form of media to reach children in ways to help them vs just pure entertainment, which at times is a race to the bottom. When I think about some of the unboxing videos on youtube that have millions of views, I see the importance of his vision and look...

Memorial Day – a reminder

Words from an a Navy Seal. Thanks to all who served, let’s remember every one of them today and every day.

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