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Coldplay Fans – Free Download

Coldplay is offering its fans a free live concert that you can download here. I have no insight as to when this link will stop...

New Yankee Stadium – Cheap Tickets

I have been reading about all of the missteps that the Yankees have taken with the new stadium and it just hit home.  I was poking around the site and wanted to see if they still had tix available when they played their cross town rivals.  If I had an extra $5,300 + shipping it would be great to attend (and that is face value)! What is a family of four to do, show up to the stadium and buy four tickets for...

Wifi on Virgin America

I know that there has been a lot of press about it, but its pretty cool.     – Written from in the air!

Shared characteristics of successful ad supported Internet companies

Below is a draft of a few characteristics that successful advertising supported Internet Companies embody. This is just a simple table – and a start to taking a birds eye view approach for what makes the great companies tick. Thoughts are welcome. [TABLE=2] Thanks to Scott, Adam & Evan for thoughts.

A futuristic look into the newspaper business – From 1981

AdAge ran an article on the video below which predicts the direction that the newspaper industry will go (circa...

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